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What is the meaning of Li-ion battery capacity division?

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What is the meaning of Li-ion battery capacity division?

Lithium battery capacity division is an adjustment method for lithium-ion battery packs, mainly to solve the problems caused by the difference in electrical performance of the single cells in the battery pack. Due to the working principle of lithium batteries, different single batteries may have differences in voltage and capacity. These differences can affect the life, safety and performance of the entire battery pack.


Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer needs to classify the single batteries with large differences in electrical properties in a group of batteries, and combine them according to their electrical properties, so that the voltage and capacity of the batteries in each sub-group are as consistent as possible. This can effectively improve the service life and efficiency of the entire battery pack, and avoid failure or short life problems caused by differences in electrical properties between batteries.

For example, in a lithium battery pack, if the battery voltage or capacity of a certain sub-pack is much higher than that of other sub-packs, then this sub-pack will bear a greater load, resulting in a shortened life of this sub-pack or even failure. Through the lithium battery capacity separation technology, these batteries can be classified and combined to achieve the purpose of capacitor voltage balance and enhance the service life and safety performance of the lithium battery pack.


It should be noted that lithium battery capacity division is usually carried out during the manufacturing process and requires professional equipment and technology to complete. During daily use, it is generally not recommended for users to dispose of lithium batteries by themselves to avoid damage or danger.


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