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Trina Solar fully opens the era of "efficiency revolution"

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On the afternoon of June 10th, Trina Solar held a new product launch conference with the theme of "600W+ Opens the Efficiency Revolution - Empowerment in a New Zero-Carbon Era", which also heralded an "efficiency revolution" in the photovoltaic industry. Trinity Metaverse officially opened

At the press conference, Trina Solar launched a small program for distributed photovoltaics, two smart modules to help the "application and installation efficiency" of distributed projects, and a "software" that can effectively promote the technological development of the entire distributed photovoltaic industry. Distributed Photovoltaic Design Drawing Library", vowing to protect the earth with zero-carbon future technology.

"Tianhecha" applet: real-time, convenient and transparent

First of all, a WeChat applet called "Tianhecha" at the press conference has realized a "revolution of selection efficiency" for users. The "Tianhecha" applet is mainly aimed at distributed photovoltaics, providing customers with "more efficient, safer and lower carbon" 600W+ ultra-high-power product combination options, helping more users connect to the more efficient 600W+ high-power era.

At the same time, "Tianhe Check" is also a comprehensive query platform for all users, including functions such as "checking radiation intensity", "checking power generation", and "checking real-time electricity prices", allowing users in various industries to meet their own needs. , select the corresponding province and city, house area, power station cost, roof type, Internet access mode, and the corresponding component model combination options, and accurately obtain various installation data with one click.

Intelligent components: intelligent lifting and quick installation devices allow 600W+ to easily mount on the roof

In response to the long-standing pain point of "difficulty in handling and installation" in distributed household installation application scenarios, Trina Solar has launched a new solution - a component intelligent lifting device, which saves up to 50% of the component handling time compared to traditional manual lifting. , greatly improving the efficiency of the handling link and accelerating the "installation efficiency revolution" of 600W+ distributed photovoltaics.

The Trina intelligent lifting device developed this time not only improves the efficiency of component handling, but also standardizes the installation process, preventing hidden dangers such as falling and scratching of components.

360-degree full-scene distributed photovoltaic design drawing library released

In the face of industry-leading high-power module products, how to design and save system costs has always been the core goal of every engineer and technician at Trina Solar. According to such problems, Trina Solar's distributed technical team has made standardized and typical design drawings and plans in a targeted manner.

As an old brand with 25 years of experience in distributed photovoltaic technology and one of the initiators of the "600W+ Alliance", Trina Solar launched a "Typical Project Design Atlas" at the press conference that can improve design efficiency. It not only helps new photovoltaic practitioners to quickly start designing, but also provides design ideas for more colleagues, improves design efficiency, and effectively promotes the development of the distributed photovoltaic industry.

It is reported that in the future, Trina Solar will continue to create more 600W+ distributed project service functions based on the core concept of "efficiency revolution", which is based on customer needs, and comprehensively improve 600W+ from multiple dimensions such as customized design and personalized construction. Distributed efficiency promotes the development of the distributed photovoltaic industry from multiple dimensions, so that the concept of "efficiency revolution" can create more value for customers and the industry in a true sense.

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