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The conversion rate reaches 25.7%! JinkoSolar's 182 N-type TOPCon cell sets a new record

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The conversion rate reaches 25.7%! JinkoSolar's 182 N-type TOPCon cell sets a new record

On April 27, JinkoSolar (688223) issued an announcement on voluntary disclosure of the company's 182N high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell conversion efficiency certified by the Chinese Academy of Metrology.

The announcement shows that the conversion efficiency of the 182 N-type high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell (TOPCon) independently developed by Zhejiang JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of JinkoSolar, has been certified by a third-party test by the Chinese Academy of Metrology, and the conversion efficiency of the full-area cell has reached 25.7%. Once again, a new world record for the conversion efficiency of large-area N-type single crystal passivated contact (TOPCon) cells has been created.

In terms of impact on listed companies, the announcement shows that the third-party certification of battery conversion efficiency this time marks another major breakthrough in the company's N-type TOPCon technical achievements, which will help improve the company's core competitiveness. At the same time, the company will gradually improve the mass production efficiency of the company's N-type TOPCon cells, and further enhance the market competitiveness of the company's N-type module product Tiger Neo.

In terms of production capacity, the Minsheng Securities Research Report shows that JinkoSolar is the first first-tier module manufacturer in China to launch mass production of N-type TOPCon products. In 2019, the company invested in a GW-level N-type battery test production line. In 2021, the company's laboratory N-type monocrystalline battery efficiency reached 25.4%. The company put 8GW of TOPCon production capacity into production in Hefei and Jianshan in January and February this year, and has achieved a stable mass production efficiency of 24.6%. At present, the project is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to complete the ramp-up of production capacity in May and June respectively and achieve full production. It is expected that the company's TOPCon production capacity will reach 16GW in 2022. Considering the ramp-up of production capacity, the company is expected to achieve TOPCon shipments exceeding 10GW in 2022.

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