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Solar Power Principle

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Solar Power Principle

Solar Power Principle
The earth can intercept a huge amount of solar energy, exceeding 173,000 TW (1TW = 10^12W), which is a very huge number. It is 10000 times the total energy used by all the people on the earth, but these energies cannot be fully utilized. We can explain why humans can't make full use of solar energy from the principle of solar panel power generation.


Solar panels are composed of solar cells arranged and combined. The most common solar cells are made of silicon, which is a kind of semiconductor and has extremely rich reserves on the earth. The crystalline silicon in the solar cell is located between the upper and lower conductor layers, and each silicon atom is combined with the neighboring atoms through four chemical bonds, so the electrons are bound and will not move to generate current.

solar cell

A silicon solar cell has two layers of different silicon elements (N-type silicon and P-type silicon). There is a surplus of electrons in N-type silicon, and there is an extra position in P-type silicon for storing electrons-holes. The junction of the two kinds of silicon becomes a P-N junction, and electrons can pass through the P-N junction, producing a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other.

Light can be understood as a stream of particles emitted from the sun, and these particles are photons. When photons hit solar cells with enough energy, they will knock on chemical bonds to release electrons, leaving a hole. The positively charged holes and negatively charged electrons can move freely, and the electrons are pulled to the N side and the holes are pulled to the P side. These moving electrons are collected by the tiny metal probes on the battery sheet and flow to the external circuit, where they do electrical work before returning to the conductive aluminum sheet on the back.

Each solar cell can only output about 0.5W, and at this time, more energy can be obtained by connecting the cells in series to form a module. Generally, it needs several 710W solar module to supply power to the whole house. Electrons are the only moving parts in solar cells, and they will all return to their source in the end. There is no wear and consumption in the whole process, so solar panels can generally be used for decades.

So why can't we rely entirely on solar energy? There are political factors, and some entrepreneurs want to maintain the current energy supply status. Here, we mainly focus on the physical and logical difficulties. First of all, solar energy is not evenly distributed. In some places, there is plenty of sunshine, while in others, it rains all the year round, and most of the solar energy is blocked by clouds. Secondly, solar energy is available at night, and some parts are almost absent. Therefore, relying entirely on solar power generation requires a very efficient technology to transport electricity from sunny places to cloudy areas. It also needs an efficient method to store electricity, and how to improve the efficiency of energy storage batteries is also a huge challenge.

solar house

In the use of module efficiency, some photons will be reflected, and some electrons will fall back into the hole before entering the loop. In this way, the photon energy is not utilized. At present, the most efficient solar cells can only convert 46% of sunlight into electricity, and the power generation efficiency of most commercial solar power generation systems is 15%-20%. The power generation efficiency of Jingsun solar panels is above 20%.

Although there are many limitations, it is feasible to use today's solar energy technology to power the whole earth. We need funds to build infrastructure on a large open space. It is estimated that it will take hundreds of thousands of square miles, which seems large, but the Sahara desert covers an area of 3 million square miles. At the same time, with the continuous development of technology, the efficiency of solar power generation is constantly improving, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper, which has certain competitiveness with the power grid. Inventions such as solar floating islands may change the status quo.

solar panel

At present, there are more than 1 billion people in the world who can't use stable power supply, especially in some developing countries. They have plenty of sunshine to use, and solar energy is safer and cheaper to generate electricity, which belongs to green energy and is superior to non-renewable energy such as coal and oil. Jingsun solar energy is committed to the global green new energy cause, and strives to realize the global unified use of green new energy for mankind.

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