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How to Choose the Right Solar System?

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How to Choose the Right Solar System?

Due to the energy crisis, the world has turned its attention to photovoltaic energy, which is currently one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly energy sources. But many people don't know much about photovoltaic modules, so in this article, I will introduce photovoltaic modules.

First of all, let's understand the photovoltaic module and its power generation principle. Photovoltaic modules are the main raw material silicon that absorbs the light source of the sun and converts it into electrical energy for everyone to use.

Since we usually use alternating current at home, but the electric energy converted by solar panels by absorbing the solar light source is direct current, so we need to use an inverter here. The function of the inverter is to convert the direct current into alternating current for our use. This principle is the simplest grid-connected system.

When you're connected to the grid, you can rely on the grid as a backup power source if your solar cells die.

But if you feel that the electricity bill on the grid is expensive, or when you are in a country where electricity is often cut off and you cannot use it, you can install batteries on this system for energy storage. However, due to the internal resistance of the battery, it is difficult for the solar panel to fully charge the battery and cannot fully utilize the energy. Therefore, we need to add a controller to improve the working efficiency of the solar panel. At the same time, the controller also has perfect protection functions: electrical protection, reverse Connection protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection. So this is the finished off-grid system. 

You can also sell extra electricity back to the national grid if local policy allows it. That is, connecting to the national grid on the basis of an off-grid system. This is the complete hybrid system. However, it should be noted that inverters that meet the requirements of the hybrid grid should be used in the hybrid grid system.

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