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'A wonder material' enables photovoltaic performance boost

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'A wonder material' enables photovoltaic performance boost

The researchers made solar cells from perovskites, a crystal-structured composite material that has long been seen as the next-generation material to complement or replace silicon in solar cells. In fact, perovskites have several advantages over silicon, including higher performance and lower production costs.

The reason for the lower cost is that perovskites can be inkjet-printed in liquids to form flexible films. The researchers printed PNRs on the film as an additional layer to improve device functionality and efficiency.

Published in the journal American Chemical Society, the researchers found that the newly developed cells outperformed conventional silicon solar cells by more than 21 percent. It is close to the highest efficiency of perovskite-based cells demonstrated in the lab so far, at around 25 percent.

The researchers also found out why PNRs can improve efficiency through experiments that demonstrated a phenomenon called "hole mobility" in the material.

Holes are the opposite partner of electrons in electrical transport, so increasing their mobility, a measure of how fast they move through a material, helps the current move more efficiently between the layers of the device, the researchers said.

The researchers added a layer of phosphorene nanoribbons to a perovskite solar cell layer to effectively improve cell performance.

Applications and future research

By experimentally verifying how PNRs can improve solar cells, the researchers say they will continue to create new design rules for optoelectronic devices, or devices that emit or detect light, Macdonald said.

"Our results show that predicting the functional electronic properties of PNRs optimizes application performance, highlights the real importance and utility of the newly discovered nanomaterials, and sets the benchmark for PNR-based optoelectronic devices," Macdonald said.

The research team plans to continue the study of PNRs and how PNRs work in electronic devices to find out more ways in which performance can be improved. The researchers also plan to investigate how to alter the surface of the nanoribbons to enhance the material's unique electronic properties.

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